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WheelTire Services

Sullivan Tire has the latest technology and highly trained technicians to help you maximize the life of your tires. 

Air Pressure Check

Free anytime! 

It doesn't matter where you bought your tires. Please feel free to stop by anytime to have us check your tire pressure.  We'll gladly check each tire and fill it up to manufacturer's specification! 

tire pressure check


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High-Speed Computer Balance

Properly balanced tires are important for driving comfort and long tire life. An unbalanced tire can cause vibration, resulting in driver fatigue, premature tire wear and unnecessary wear to your vehicle's suspension components.  Tires should be balanced each time they are mounted on a wheel.  This includes installation of a new tire, or just remounting the tire after a proper  flat repair.  As tires wear, the balancing characteristics may change, leading to a vibration that develops over time.  Tires should be re-balanced at the first sign of vibration or "shimmy".


tire vibration        john beam balancer

John Bean BFH1000 Balancer

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Vibration Diagnostics

Do you have a shimmy or vibration that you just can't seem to "shake"?  Is the standard balance not doing the job?  Using the latest in technology, Sullivan Tire will diagnose even the slightest cause of vibration or ride disturbance.  We want you to enjoy the time you spend in your vehicle!

What's involved?

  1. Wheel Analysis:  Precise measurements are taken of your wheels, determining the contribution they make toward the vibration 
  2. Tire Analysis:  Precise measurements are taken of the tire, determining the contribution they make toward the vibration
  3. Tire/Wheel Indexing:  The high, or heavy spot of the tire is matched with the low, or light spot of the wheel to make the combined assembly work in harmony
  4. High-Speed Computer Balance:  Small weights are attached to the wheel in precise areas to complete the process

Tire and Wheel Measurements       Computer Balancer

                                                                                                    Hunter GSP9700 Balancer

This process is capable of solving the majority of vibration problems. Rest assured, in the unlikely situation where the vibration problem is a deeper issue, we won't stop until you're riding comfortably down the road.  With the best people in the business, we'll diagnose even the most elusive problem:

  • Drive shaft inspection
  • Hub and bolt circle run-out measurements
  • Wheel run-out specifications
  • Tire run-out specifications
  • Wheel bearing inspection
  • Front end and steering inspection
  • Use of the latest Technical Service Bulletin (TSBs) subscriptions

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