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Retread Process

World-class application-specific retreads. That's what you get when you choose Bandag. For over 50 years, Bandag retreads have built a solid reputation based on a commitment to quality, innovation and a focus on improving both tire performance and your bottom line.  Sullivan Tire operates three Bandag retread facilities for your convenience.

It starts and ends with retreads that perform like new tires, at a fraction of the price. Specialized tread patterns for any terrain and next-generation compounds that resist wear and tear, earn you more mileage than ever before.

Our retread process starts with a thorough initial inspection of casings for cuts, punctures, air pockets and other damage, and casings are repaired if necessary. Then casings are scanned for separations that might affect performance, and the tires are buffed to remove the old, worn tread design. Damaged materials are removed and final repairs are made. New tread rubber is bonded to the casing at low temperatures to avoid stress and distortion. Then a final inspection is performed to ensure the tire is in perfect operating condition.

A PDF of the Bandag Retread process can be downloaded by clicking Here 

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