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Foamfill CutawayFlatproofing Service

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Eliminate flat tires forever with Micro-Cellular Polyurethane flat proof tires on your hand trucks, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers and golf carts. The latest in urethane technology. No more tire repair costs and most importantly - no more flats!

Unlike other flat tire prevention products you may have tried before, Carefree Tire® now offers a revolutionary alternative that eliminates flat tires forever. No air, no leaks, and absolutely no downtime from flat tires ever again.

Unlike solid rubber tires, a Carefree Tire® provides an "air cushioned" ride without adding significant weight. Just imagine - no more hassles, no more tire repair costs and no more flats.

Flat Free

Maintenance Free

Light Weight

Non Marking

Oil and Chemical Resistant

100% Micro-Cellular Polyurethane


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ARNCO Flatproofing

Pumped into the tire through its valve stem, Arnco’s patented*, liquid polyurethane flatproofing polymer replaces all of the air and cures to a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours. It completely eliminates flats. It works in any tire with a sound casing. It works in the most adverse weather conditions; Arnco flatproofing has been tested to 70° F below zero by the University of Alaska. It works to keep your equipment working.

Arnco Flatproofing is available in three grades to meet your your particular load, ride and traction needs.

Flatproofing is achieved by replacing the air in any pneumatic tire with a patented liquid  polyurethane that is pumped into the tire through the valve stem.  The result is a resilient, synthetic rubber core that will never go flat.

ARNCO Cost Analysis

Cost Saving Analysis


Fork Lift
8.25 x 15

20.5 x 25

23.1 x 26

A. Flat Repair Cost
This must include road service charges, demounting, puncture repair, remounting, and any other charges associated with flat repairs.




B. Downtime Per Flat
Average in hours.




C. Number of Workers Idled
This includes the equipment operator and all other workers idled due to the downed equipment.




D. Hourly Pay Rate
Include the cost of fringe benefits.




E. Production Rate
In dollars per hour.




F. Total Flats for Tire Life
An average.





1. Repair costs=(AxF)




2. Cost of idle labor=(BxCxDxF)




3. Cost of lost production=(BxExF)




4. Total cost for flats=(1+2+3)












ARNCO SuperFlex Benefits

  • a more comfortable ride - reducing driver fatigue and increasing driver efficiency
  • super shock absorber - easier on drive train components
  • extra ballast for handling heavy loads - improving stability and increasing traction
  • lower maintenance expenses by reducing wheel breakage, bolt hole enlargement, spring and axle damage, and structural fatigue
  • a soft air-like ride with a “softness” (durometer) of 8
  • elimination of flat tire downtime and blowout hazards
  • a broader footprint for increased traction on soft terrain
  • enhanced tire performance, longer tire wear, and excellent thermal stability
  • Tires filled with SuperFlex  are durable. They function  in all weather conditions,  unaffected by temperature extremes
  • Tires filled with SuperFlex can operate continuously at speeds up to 35 mph (56 kph) and up to 2 hours at highway speeds (55mph/88kph)
  • Tires filled with SuperFlex  are retreadable
  • provides cost savings by  eliminating repair costs, lost wages and productivity due to down time

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