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Wheel Refinish Cropped RealWheel Refinishing

Sullivan Tire has an in-house wheel refinishing process which restores used wheels to like-new condition.  You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how cost effective this solution is for your vehicle.  Give us a call today!

rusty wheelblasted wheelpainted wheel

                        Rusty Wheel                       Blasted Wheel                      Painted Wheel


Wheel Refinishing Process

  • Wheel is stripped of old paint and rust by blasting it with small steel pellets 
  • The stripped wheel is inspected for defects 
  • The wheel enters a paint booth where it receives a zinc-based rust proofing primer coat 
  • The wheel goes through an oven to dry the primer coat 
  • The wheel enters the paint booth for a finishing powder coat 
  • The wheel goes through the oven to dry the powder coat 
  • Final inspection is performed to check for even finish and proper paint thickness